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The Season to Dry Hydrangeas

drying hydrangeas tutorial

We are coming to the end of the hydrangea season. To keep a bouquet that will last throughtout the  year I am going to dry my flowers. In the past I have tried to dry them without success by hanging them upside down and letting them air dry. This time I am going to use the vase method. First, only pick the hydrangeas which the color of the flower's petals has faded.  My blue flowers have lost most of their color and the petals are beginning to turn papery, this is the optimum time to pick them.

Cut the flowers leaving at least a 10 inch stem and remove all of the leaves.  I put the flowers in a vase with 4 inches of water and then placed them in a room where they will not get direct sunlight.  The water will eventually evaporate and the flowers will dry.  

The trick to getting a nice dried flower is to pick your hydrangeas after the color begins to fade and the petals begin to have a papery texture. It is important to gather them at this point.  By waiting to pick your flowers until they have faded in color will result in a dried bouquet versus being left with a vase full of wilting flowers.

After placing my fresh picked hydrangeas in a guest room (out of direct sunlight) for about three weeks the hydrangeas dried perfectly!

dried hydrangeas in a vase
The petals are now tissue paper thin and precious!  They are so beautiful that I am inspired to dry out a basket full!!  I love how they have kept the pale green color, they are just lovely and will last throughout the year.


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