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Little Girl's Cape Tutorial

Girl's Cape Tutorial

I love clothes from the 1950's. So when I saw this tutorial for sewing a 50's style cape for a little girl I couldn't resist making one for my niece. I found the tutorial on Simple Simon & Company.  The cape is called The Audrey, isn't it adorable? The instructions for both the cape and the birdcage hat are listed on their website in detail, along with the materials you will need.

I used a camel colored fleece for the cape and hat, and purchased feathers, rhinestone buttons and netting for the hat. I couldn't find a coaster like they used for the base of the hat so I used a round lid of a small plastic food storage container that was similar in size. It took a few hours to finish both the cape and hat, and that includes the time it took to make an exact copy for my niece's doll.  It was very simple, but I have to say that the hat was my favorite part of the outfit to make. No sewing skills needed, just a hot glue gun and the materials and it's done, easy peasy! Now that I know how to make the hat there is definitely a future of facinators to be made!

My finished cape is on the top right of the collage, and the hat that I made is right below.  I also found (on sale) a faux fur scarf  which I sewed on to it a rhinestone button brooch (purchased at Joann's Fabric).  This made an elegant mink stole for the special little lady's dress up box :)


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